ConWay Trucking - Drivers need more training

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Saturday at 10 am rte 84 west NY, near Carmel the driver comes into the left lane as I am passing him . No signal, no reason for him to go into the left lane. Cars behind me also were in the line of danger. This was a double truck and took quite a bit of highway and almost ran me off the road along with some others. It's pretty scary to see this huge vehcle come into your lane unannounced. I am pissed as it really ruined my day.

Give them more safety training, and put a license plate on the second truck so I could have reported it to the State police. But I do have the truck number if anyone is interested.


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Atlanta, Georgia, United States #788732

They shouldn't be in the left lane unless there was a reason.I was almost run off from another trucker who just decided to merge, with no signal.

I wasn't speeding like may be this person was. Get the truck number, and name and report it to the company. If you report it to the state police, it may take a little bit to get to them... Unless you waited a few days, then he may already be in another state.

Send it to the company and they will handle it.That's how I reported this one trucker who almost mashed my car in by speeding and changing lanes without signaling.

Newark, New Jersey, United States #664128

I bet you were speeding, loser.

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